LED Street Lamp Power

LED street lamp is a kind of solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life, has become the best choice of the road lighting energy saving reconstruction. Instance, this paper analyses the four kinds of LED street lamp power supply design method, for everybody.

LED street lamp is a very important application in LED lighting. On the premise of energy saving save electricity, the trend of LED street lamp to replace traditional street lamp is more and more obvious. On the market, there are many kinds of LED street lamp power supply design. Early design more emphasis on the pursuit of low cost; To the recent consensus gradually formed, high efficiency and high reliability is the most important thing.

Below for several different applications of LED lights, put forward the suitable architecture, and analyzes their advantages and disadvantages, so that readers can according to the specific conditions and design of street lamp types, find the most suitable solution.

Scheme 2: DC input or battery, LED respectively do constant current control of six strings

It adopts multiple strings of booster structure design, LED drive way with a similar before, difference from instead of DC or AC input from the battery input (figure 2). The design of the low voltage side sensing as long as selecting the appropriate MOS tube, LED to considerable number. Relative to the AC input scheme, its design is relatively simple. But due to the switch more a booster, efficiency is relatively low.

The scheme has the advantage of simple design, circuit of low cost, disadvantage is low efficiency. It is suitable for the street lamp solar cells or by adapter input.

Solution a: AC input directly, LED respectively do constant current control of six strings

In this paper introduces several kinds of schemes, this scheme is at present the scheme of lowest cost, most efficient circuit (figure 1). With photoelectric coupler directly on primary side circuit back control, regulate the output voltage. Compared with other traditional schemes, the scheme of switching loss less. CS fixed in 0.25 V voltage, LED respectively do constant current control of six strings. IC can detect the position of the FB, it will be the lowest voltage LED fixed in 0.5 V. At this time due to the string of leds Vf value is the sum of the different, the pressure drop will fall on the MOS tube, lead to some loss. If it is the general Vf points BIN the LED, after the screening loss should be controlled within 2%, less than the general switch loss.

The scheme has the advantage of high efficiency, low cost, the disadvantage is that the AC input, need more research and development costs, applicable to AC could be used directly to the input of street lamp.


LED Lighting Brightness Stability And Energy Saving Consideration

LED light source working principle and characteristics

Light-emitting diodes (leds) are semiconductor material synthesis of diode, is composed of PN interface, when plus forward voltage, electron and hole combined with the release of energy in the form of photons, so with luminescent properties. And the light source close to the millimeter less than PN interface, the wavelength of light depends on the properties of materials have different luminous color, common have red, yellow, green, and blue leds. Light emitting diode luminescence brightness can pass to adjust the size of the working voltage (current). In a wide range of working current, the brightness of the light emitting diode is increased as the current increased.

LED lighting brightness stability

The brightness of the light emitting diode varies according to the current size, and made of light-emitting diodes (leds), the voltage and current curve slightly difference, thus the brightness of the LED lighting is often along with the change of supply voltage cannot be stable. In order to maintain the brightness stability is consistent, need led constant current drive to achieve. Constant current driver can make leds work in fixed current mode, thus high brightness stability. Constant current drive also let the leds work for a long time in certain electrical flow, make its maintain a long life.

T6316 is a constant current drive, it is a set with 4 channel led drive current, the output current can be in accordance with the external resistance. T6316 has + / – 6% accuracy between electric current and channel plus or minus 3% matching accuracy, can be used to street lamp, tube and other lighting equipment. For energy saving consideration, system design should be considered constant current drive across the pressure between 0.5 V ~ 2 V. Jobs with light-emitting diodes (leds) at a constant power flow, the pressure across a slight decline, the change also should be considered in system design.

LED lighting energy saving consideration

Led lighting is energy saving, safety, but due to the constant current work consideration, also relative increase of energy consumption, so the lighting system design with low energy consumption as the goal. Mentioned within the pressure drop in the 2 v constant current drive, is to consider the design of the low energy consumption, if the voltage of the power supply system and the combination of light-emitting diodes (leds) pressure drop more than 2 v, should be considered to voltage converter to achieve low energy consumption, but still maintain a constant current working mode. Low-power voltage converter based on switch type work, on the basis of feedback circuit control switch cycle, achieve stable output voltage. But in order to maintain the led constant current working status, is the output current feedback circuit to control the converter switching cycle.

T6322 is A step-down constant current led driver, the current in accordance with the external resistance, can support up to 1.5 A output current, provide A precision of + / – 5% current and high power efficiency, low energy consumption) and high electric circuit adjustment ability.

In the current floods the market of LED lighting products, their power input system into two categories: type of front end for the AC power input system combined with the backend constant current control module, such products including frozen ark article lamp, indoor lamps and lanterns, street lamp, desk lamp, MR16, AR111, etc. Another kind of AC power directly into the system integration of the AC/DC converter and constant current circuit, such products including E27 and GU10 type LED bulb lamp, PAR lamp, T5, T8 LED lamp and so on.

In addition to the first kind of power supply design should choose the better efficiency of front end constant voltage power supply, the back-end constant power control efficiency of the power supply module is used according to its features of better power supply design. Its advantage lies in front of the AC/DC power supply, such as switching power supply, DC adapter, such as constant voltage power supply, can be high selectivity and safety certification scheme, thus reducing the threshold of the design.

The second category of design as a result of the integration of the AC/DC power supply circuit and constant current circuit, it can accord with smaller mechanism design of the space, but from the power factor, power efficiency and safety consideration, design also has some difficulty. Today’s market, therefore, such products are rarely achieve high luminous efficiency, high power factor (> 0.9).

LED lighting market OEM story

Breakthrough development of LED lamps and lanterns, market also is very be necessary, Japanese electrical home appliances manufacturers Orion motor has announced to enter the family LED (light emitting diode) bulbs manufacturing operations.

By overseas production, low cost way with panasonic, sharp, mitsubishi electric, NEC, Toshiba and other companies the same life and brightness, the market price is only about 5 ~ 6 into the low price LED bulbs. Aimed at ito-yokado and other stores sales, OEM way corresponding own-brand products wholesale and retail enterprises procurement requirements.

It is understood that the company will be the first in the form of OEM supplier to Japan life grocery wholesalers Doshisha co., LTD. Then use Doshisha corporation PB (own) brand – “Luminous Luminous wine glass”, since early December in YangHuaTang sold about 160 stores across the country.

Industry analysts said, as the LED lighting appliances into the Japanese environmental subsidies point range, the Japanese market will further speed up the process of LED bulbs out incandescent bulbs. And Orion motor first overseas production of domestic OEM sales of LED, will attract more manufacturers to join this elite type home appliance, thus promote the country’s LED commercial lighting appliance market upgrade and continuous development.

The Hardware And the Use of The New Rules of Lights Analysis

For reasons of energy savings, the European Union’s 27 countries initiated by the European commission on March 18, 2009 through the relevant rules mandating the use of energy-saving lamps. The specific content of the rule is: to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the European Union’s 27 countries will be phased out is widely used for traditional incandescent bulbs.

For ordinary incandescent light bulb and halogen bulbs (grade C halogen bulbs with the exception of the modified) lock-up rule is: from September 1, 2009, in the European Union banned the sale of more than 100 w bulb on the market. From September 1, 2010, banned the sale of more than 75 w bulb; From September 1, 2011, banned the sale of more than 60 w such bulbs; From September 1, 2012, banned the sale of all such more than 40 tile and 25 w bulb, namely stop selling all these bulbs.

European consumers association welcomed the decision. Director of the association, said the regulations will lead to consumers benefit from eu member states. At the same time, the use of energy-saving lamps helps energy save, and 85% of households currently include the use of lighting lamp power consumption is too large. But ban traditional light bulb into the market also bring inconvenience to some consumers’ special needs, such as people with photosensitivity diseases consumers will need to use the traditional incandescent bulbs. Suggested that the commission shall ensure that such a special group of consumers before the new technology to meet the special requirements can be easily get traditional incandescent bulbs.

According to the estimation of the European commission in the European Union after fully implementing use energy-efficient light bulbs, September 1, 2009-2020 at the end of the year, the European Union’s 27 countries can save electricity 80 billion KWH, equivalent to a year of power consumption in Belgium or 23 million households a year of electricity consumption. By 2020, the European Union’s 27 countries will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 million tons/year.

Energy-saving light bulbs not only than traditional light bulbs to save about 80% of the electricity consumption, at the same time, the service life of energy-saving light bulbs is 8 ~ 15 times of traditional light bulbs. Use energy-efficient light bulbs, each family can save 166 euros/year for electricity. Even excluding energy-saving bulb price higher factor, each family can still save 60 euros/year. In addition, each energy-saving bulb contains only 1 ~ 5 mg of mercury, won’t cause pollution to the environment, and easy to waste recovery and recycling of energy-saving lamps.

How to Market Yourself?

The interview is also a kind of marketing, marketing is not only goods, but yourself.

According to job site in February, there are 152000, Taiwan’s job vacancy and logged record number 200000. With the coming of the graduation season, and there will be 200000 graduates to join a job, the enterprise human resources department’s CV received every day, “is definitely a” best “, “intends to apply well-known enterprises of fresh people, if lucky enough to be notified for interview, really is not a simple thing to do.

In the interview, regardless of your interview with the examiner only 5 ~ 10 minutes, or a chance to do more than half an hour go, please think about what you are in the “take in the best, best take a” is selected, each interview opportunity, so you should careful preparation, seriously, excellent performance.

However, in such a limited period of time, how to make a I never have any intersection with you, make a good impression in the first place? The following, to provide you with the five points in the interview stand out gist, help you all the way through, win in the examiner mind smoothly.

Do: wear appropriate courtesy, talk self-confidence have a spark

 Meet in the first 3 minutes, you dress, manners, intonation, caught my eyes of the examiner. Fitting garment appearance, vigorous and confident tone, absolute added effect.

 Best can match with the characteristics of the services industry, men wear a suit and tie, and women wear two piece suit, color silk stockings, high heels, is the most won’t pas dressed in the workplace, “best first half of the graduation, the girls will buy a pair of high-heeled shoes to practice a little,” today’s young people used to wear sneakers jeans, if you want to change at a draught to wear high heels, walk up to avoid all wrong, “sometimes wrestling really walk on the stage!” .

Smile. Had better be before knocking at the door, had prepared on the face smile. “From the moment you step into company, we should keep a good mood to attend the interview, always keep the corners of the smile curve.

As to when the interview process, eye eye contact is also to item. When only one interviewer, eyes should be positive eye contact with each other, don’t drift to give a person the sense of dishonesty; If I was more than one person, it should be the main attention on his questioner, but should also in the process of timely eye contact with the other examiners, in order to show respect.

In addition, full, a voice of vigour tone, more points. Don’t speak so weak gas, like a mouth containing halogen eggs. Securities in Beijing, executive assistant manager Jiang Changrong said if candidates speak very spirit, easy to give a person feel confident and strong ambition, especially in the services business, the position of customer service, especially to some requirements of speech articulation.

Do: use specific examples, strengthen their correlation with the company.

Just think, interview each other every day object can have 10 fresh people, is a blank sheet of paper in everyone wearing manner as appropriate cases, how to win?

Fresh suggest people don’t ignore her past a variety of short – and long-term practice, work experience, even in the family business to help promote business, as long as it is related to apply for a job now, are worth mentioning. After all, through actual examples, illustrates their past performance, have the opportunity to let others know your strengths.

Appropriate: answer briefly organized, first conclusion and reasons

Before answering the question, in the heart to calculate what I really want to know, and then as a core, organized to answer. However, sometimes with less experienced examiners, “are you…” , “can you…” Such as “closed” questions to ask, even so, your answer should also be considerate to talk some more, don’t use “yes”, “good” and “right”, “no problem”, such as a brief answer method, on the one hand, can let a person feel answer inflexible, also easy to let I to you not friendly, don’t like communication impression.

In, when you introduce yourself to your own expertise, career planning to do summary, organized system, to avoid the word repetition, and habitual vp such as “well ~ ~”, or “public” and “is” mantra.

In addition, the interview time is limited, do not gush, answer to be endless, I usually don’t have the patience after listening to so many useless talk, instead of your “lack of organization” bad impression.

At this point, to provide a reply tips. Many people talk about things like “words” from the start, but this way can chat, can not use in the interview. The best from the start, want to express and the main points of the conclusion points out first, such as “two aspects to talk about this thing I…” “The course of my schooling in three stages, one of the biggest influence on my was…” And then presents details and reasons. Answer in three minutes, up and down once saw I eyes shifting some distraction, it should be enough is enough.

Do: to apply for the company’s high enthusiasm

Many of the director of human resources, for this very seriously. Once had a job seekers, especially to print the company’s web site information, and will not clear place to indicate that a detailed at the end of the interview, will these questions one by one, let the interviewer deeply feel the candidates really concerned.

In addition, has the candidate made a briefing for employers, expounds his observations and recommendations to the company. All this, can convince the interviewer that you are prepared, clearly convey the “are you ready to”, “can contribute immediately” message.

Do: prepare pad file standard answer for buffer time to think

Interview, etiquette don’t ignore, don’t interrupt the conversation, at the same time pay attention to the technique of “listening”, I on the company background, from time to time to respond with a nod.

In addition, when I come up with a more difficult problem, don’t stare blankly is over there. At this time, the preparation of several buffer, might as well take out to use. Such as “globalization is a trend, the wave also inevitably affect the industry…” With such standard prologue “file”, can help you gain a little buffer time to think.

Career Women Remain Happy 6 Big Moves

Escape from the trap of perfectionism.

Perfectionists women always set yourself a perfect goal in advance, always strive for perfection, once can’t will deeply remorse, depression, thus fully doubt about their abilities and negation, fell into the trap of perfectionism. In fact, anything as long as we work hard, not demanding. Must be good at learn to cheer for their every bit of efforts, let oneself moment a sense of accomplishment, contentment confident female talent will be full of happiness.

Trouble “amnesia”.

Difficult to get along with your boss,’s poignant brokenhearted, relationship of disturb, career, etc., in bad life troubles are many, but we can’t unpleasant experiences, unhappy feelings linger. We will try to learn to quickly forget trouble, not equal to find a way to quickly convert worry mood, or a big sleep, friends or join a party, or into your favorite entertainment or sport, in which a word is to let you change into trouble “amnesia”. For the trouble and difficulties to do a “heart” of women.

Never compete with others.

Some women like to compare with people, like the beautiful scenery of the others is her heart’s pain, while others are proud of is that she is deeply frustrated, over time, unbalance, the heart and turns the annoyance. The bane of haggle over every ounce and jealousy must be a happy state of mind.

Extension: make good use of your women “working capital” workplace  decompression soup.

Actually each of us has the advantage of others cannot replace, focus on management of yourself foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, will into the broader path, it is important to calm relaxed state of mind.

Looking for happiness

Happiness isn’t something that we can not make, happiness depends entirely on your own thoughts. You have a heap of a mountain of official business, for example, you can imagine this is your favorite thing, pressure loss, high efficiency of natural multiplication and complain will only make things the opposite direction.

Action: when it comes to bother the boss don’t let work overtime as a norm.

Successful expert at Carnegie said, can accept the worst can mentally let you play a new ability. Low ebb in life when you can on second thought, I came to low water can also be bad where to go? According to the development of logic, rotary is low to high, so the mood will be very encouraging. This is by no means Q spirit of victory, but things have been bad, not happy also useless, is inferior to convert ideas, as far as possible for fun, for yourself.

Lost is also happy.

Sometimes, too much unhappy because we always want to get is afraid of losing, and losing something depressed not happy. Actually lose and gain is a pair of conjoined twins, interdependent. Losing youth get mature and life experience, play time to obtain a rebound from hard work, lost high-paying jobs are eager to have leisure time, losing someone you love to get the love you more. Think so, we really should not lose the pain, but from time to time for the loss of gain.

Gossip: career women, give yourself a break! Why female white-collar workers salary than men.

Don’t care about other people’s eyes.

Some women abandoned their willingness to like to live in someone else’s standards, in the judgment of others to find the value of self. Such a woman, a smear of others enough to end all of her confidence, because she is too care about others opinion of himself.

Care about the view of others can disrupt their own heart, live hard.

Only its own will, not for others against their will, respect their life way, do you really want to do, do you want to do, can achieve happy life state, like the swallow light some fly.

The LED Industrial Lighting Features in Engineering Application

Such as lighting technology company analysts found that, on the market at present commonly used LED project-light light is basically choose 1 w high power LED (each LED components will have a high photosynthetic efficiency made of PMMA lens, its main purpose is the secondary distribution of LED light, which is secondary optics), there are a few companies handle well because the cooling technology, and choose the LED 3 w and higher power.

LED project-light light is suitable for the big occasion flood lighting, outdoor lighting light of domains such as buildings. In addition, the LED project-light light has the following features:

1, light scale plate are provided convenient adjust the irradiation Angle.

2, behind the replacement bulbs and easy maintenance.

3, symmetrical narrow Angle, wide Angle and asymmetric light distribution system.

4, high purity aluminum reflector, and light beam is the most accurate and reflective effect is best.

LED project-light light by microchip control, in the small engineering applications, can be used without the controller, can realize the gradient, jump, color twinkle twinkle, random, alternating gradient dynamic effect, also can be controlled by DMX, pursue, such as scanning effect. At present, the main place for application about these: monomer building,? History buildings facade lighting, building light outside the local lighting, landscape lighting, indoor lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other specialized facilities, bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment atmosphere illumination and so on.